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Art & Design

Please contact us if you have any questions about file types, sizes, or formats. Vector graphics are required by our graphic art department. Vector is best for typesetting or for graphic design applications. We can accept files based on vector graphics created in Illustrator, Freehand, or Corel .eps files in most cases.

Logos, ideas, colors you like, past jersey examples; we receive designs in all forms.   Our designers will make your ideas reality. We have no problem working with what you provide


Why Nimblewear

REASON TO CHOOSE US?  We are Cyclist!   However; here are some reasons why you should consider NIMBLEWEAR for your next custom order:

★  Wide Product Range: 

★  Lowest Minimums in the Industry: 1 piece!

★  Global Branch Companies in USA, Canada, Australia etc. with our own factory: 

★  Top Fabric Partners:.

★  FREE Graphic Design Options: 

★  Fast Delivery:

★  Competitive Pricing: